AGILE Pilot: Quantified Self

The Quantified Self concept refers to the use of technologies for collecting data about peoples’ daily activities. Smartphone apps, physical activity trackers, biometric sensors and IoT devices allow people to monitor important aspects of their daily lives, such as their physical activity, heart rate and mood, with the aim to learn more about themselves, improve their well-being and adopt a healthier lifestyle. In this context, the user is capable of not only storing their data to a location of their choice, such as their own server or private cloud, but also sharing their data with whomever they choose, such as their social circle or their physician. However, the process of sharing this data remains complex, mainly due to the fact that each vendor uses different communication mechanisms and requires a separate application for the persistent storage and visualization of data.

Within the frame of the Quantified Self pilot, AGILE addresses this issue by creating a single point of communication for these devices, to facilitate their integration into the Quantified Self concept, and provide advanced functionalities for the utilization and secure sharing of the acquired data, demonstrating the applicability of AGILE in home/personal use.

More specifically, each pilot user will be provided with a set of activity tracking devices and wireless medical sensors, such as blood pressure monitors or glucometers, to monitor their daily physical activity and vital signs. All activity data and biosignal measurements will be stored locally, in the user’s gateway. The user will therefore be able to visualize and manage their data easily. They will also be able to create reports, export the data from their gateway and even import past data from other services they might have used before, such as Fitbit. In parallel, following a processing and analysis of the activity data, the gateway will send recommendations to the user’s smartphone in order to encourage them to reach their physical activity goals. Moreover, users will be able to share their activity data and achievements with certain people from their social circle, including relatives, friends and most importantly their physicians.

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