AGILE Pilot: Open Field & Animal Monitoring


One of the challenges of living in countries with poor infrastructure, human inaccessible places, or areas of natural catastrophes is that more often than not, there is little or no Internet access.  This restriction makes it challenging when trying to gather, arrange, and access data. You might ask why this data is important and how it would be used? Well, for starters it would help the residents align their resources, monitor live stock and protect endangered species.

Pilot Project

This pilot uses the Agile Gateway as a gateway between the Internet, when accessible, and an unmanned drone collecting various data spread out on large areas.

Use Case – Tracking Animals

The particular case involves animals with a tracking device. These animals will be monitored by an unmanned drone, which in turn will transmit data to the Agile gateway. This data will then be published closed user groups online.

pilot-B-Open Field - Animal Monitoring

Tracking and monitoring animals can then be done remotely and on various handheld devices or workstations. This allows responsible personnel to act quickly should there be an incident or situation needing intervention. It’s important to note that the gateway will ensure that only authorized people have access to relevant data to prevent any harm to the animals.

The system is widely scalable and will be able to cover data input from various sensors scattered over wide areas – all tied together to the Internet using the Agile Gateway.

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