Save the date: Webinar “Open Source Business Models in IoT”

Dear all,

Please find below the details regarding the first webinar on Business Models in IoT.

This EPI-webinar with the title “Open Source Business Models in IoT is co-organised with IoT-European Platform Initiative, the Eclipse Foundation and supported by Bosch Innovations.

Date: 16th of September 2016 // 10am (CEST)

Summary: With more than 360 IoT platforms available, IoT providers and new services are overwhelmed with choices:  Which platform should I choose? Will it survive the next 3-5 years? Which added costs are to expect?

Open Source Software (OSS) approach provides an alternative to more and more decision makers. But why? And what is behind it?

  • Why do more and more organisations chose OSS to build or share their solutions?
  • What are the myths, what are the facts, what are the hoaxes on OSS?
  • What are the criteria used by an organisation to adopt or implement an OSS solution?
  • What kind of business model can be built if a part or all the code is open sourced? What kind of license should be adopted?

During this seminar we will answer to these questions in the context of the IoT.


  • Presentation (30 minutes) – Ralph Mueller (Managing Director, Eclipse Foundation Europe)
    • Brief history
    • Open Source 10 commandments
    • Open innovation: a big driver in times where software eats the world
    • Licenses and related business models
    • Open Source maturity model: what are the criteria used by an organisation to adopt or implement an OSS solution
    • Examples
      • IBM / strategic with Eclipse (Large and strategic)
      • EclipseSource (SMB)
      • MySQL (Bait and switch)
      • Airbus, Automotive, openMDM, openPASS (industry collaboration)
      • Research platform creation (SMB, research orgs, large companies)
  • Business Use Case (15 minutes) Steffen Evers (Bosch Innovations) – Confirmed
  • General discussion / questions (15 minutes)
    • Myths and hoaxes
    • Bad governance
    • Giving up IP and ownership
    • Organization not ready for open source (governance, people, wrong purchasing structures)
    • Treat open source creation as a purchasing department driven event
    • Bad choice of license
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