Accelerating Internet of Things Big-Data Analytics end-to-end applications development with Agile

The main objective of the experiment considers  the integration of Senseioty, the FlairBit software platform to accelerate the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Big Data Analytics, with the Agile IoT gateway and services. This integration allows Senseioty to benefit in flexibility both in terms of data ingestion and edge computing capabilities.

From a technical standpoint, joining the Agile-IoT ecosystem allowed FlairBit to benefit from the many innovative services provided by the Agile-IoT platform that  are also available in Senseioty after the integration carried out in the proposed project. The Agile IoT gateway modularity and compliance with many architectures at the hardware level provide  support for various wireless and wired IoT networking technologies. Senseioty benefits from these additional protocols as a way to create new data sources and IoT connectors which in turn creates  data diversity and heterogeneity. These features allow to speed-up the development of the integrated solution and to reduce the time-to-market for the applications built on-top-of Senseioty. We have also benchmarked other gateways, but they usually lack the rapid and smooth integration of  software components with third party systems.

In fact, at the software level, the Agile IoT stack provides data collection and management capabilities on the gateway, an intuitive interface for device management, a visual workflow editor for creating integration patterns with less coding, and an IoT marketplace  for releasing the resulting end-to-end applications. Senseioty generates data analytics applications and workflows to be pushed as close as  possible to the data sources and the devices, hence Agile IoT gateway represents the perfect match to deploy secure, scalable and reliable Senseioty edge-computing applications.

The overall system resulting from the integration of the Agile IoT stack and Senseioty allows

application developers to rapidly create and deploy innovative IoT applications without the necessity to customize a given IoT platform which in turn,, saves development time and resources.

Moreover, FlairBit, as an IoT platform provider, can now benefit from the Agile IoT ecosystem as a way to boost its user and developer base and create new revenue streams, since Senseioty can now be exploited and used in innovative cross-domain applications.

Furthermore, , in accessing the Agile-IoT ecosystem, FlairBit benefits from the different competencies, technologies, and use cases of the partners in the consortium. From a business perspective, it allows the generation of  partnership to speed-up the go-to-market strategy in new markets for FlairBit. In fact, Agile-IoT provides an interoperability framework to enable IoT platforms to open up access to their devices/services in a controlled and secure manner. This pursues  the acquisition of new revenue streams for offering added value services along with receiving missing ingredients that enrich FlairBit business offerings.

To conclude,  the open source software Agile-IoT consortium is developing with a  business-friendly license that allows FlairBit’s Senseioty IoT platforms to be Agile-IoT compliant, and at the same time to remain proprietary which allows FlairBit to increase its own product value and unlocking potential businesses in new markets. Simultaneously,  FlairBit open sourced software components extend the Agile IoT stack and enables Big-Data Analytics on-top-of Agile IoT gateway, based on open source technologies (e.g., Apache Cassandra, Apache Zeppelin, Apache Beam).


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