category winners

What should be the main objective of my project and the proposal?

The main objective of your proposal should be to demonstrate interactivity between objects and spaces with their context or online information. You are invited to explore the possibilities and implications of the Internet of Things within the four different categories. Thinking critically about the technology, as well as multimedia collaborations, are all encouraged.

What is AGILE and how can I use it?

AGILE is a modular gateway for managing smart IoT devices and data. It comes in different forms, including an extension for the popular RaspberryPi platform, allowing you to connect and communicate with wireless devices. The software (free and open source) provides you with tools to collect data from IoT devices, store them and process them without the need for being an IoT expert or a skilled programmer. You can also easily connect to online services and interact with social networks.

What technical skills are required?

Apart from being creative, imaginative and skilled in your domain, you need to have some basic knowledge of programming and ideally have some experience with RaspberryPis or Arduinos.

Can I participate as a team?

Yes you can participate both as an individual and as a team.

Can I use external data sources (e.g., Social networks, Open Data, etc.) in my project?

Yes, you are encouraged to develop concepts that illustrate not only the interaction between people, objects and space but also with online data and services

Are there any prizes?

There is a 3000 euro price per category which will be awarded at the openng in Berlin. Additionaly you will receive the hardware that is mentioned in the category you apply for (Quantified Self, Interactive Spaces, Environment & Data, Smart Cities), one RaspberryPi and the AGILE software for implementing your project. Additional support in using the hardware and software will be provided. Also, we are working on finding sponsors who will either provide prizes or give you the opportunity to exhibit your creation at some very cool places.

Are there any restrictions regarding the project I want to submit?

There are no restrictions regarding dimensions or the type of the project. The only requirements are that you will make use of the hardware provided by the AGILE providers and the AGILE software components for processing data, communicating with sensors and controlling actuators of your project. In addition, any software you might develop for your project, needs to be published as open source at the end of the project.

Where will the exhibition take place?

We are working on finding some awesome places for the exhibitions/installations to take place.

What kind of equipment can I use?

Feel free to propose and use any kind of equipment you want for your project. We highly encourage the use of open hardware, but the final implementation is totally up to you. You are only required to use the hardware provided by AGILE partners for each competition category and also use hardware that can support the AGILE software (e.g., RaspberryPis, Beagleboards, etc.)

I have an idea for a project but I am not sure how I can technically implement it, how can I proceed?

Get in contact with the contest organizers at iot.is.art@agile-iot.eu and they can help you regarding the realization of your idea. Please note that we cannot provide you with feedback on the idea itself but only suggest ways for overcoming technical challenges.

Do I have to be a European citizen to enter the contest?

No, you do not have to be a European citizen to participate, but should you be selected you are expected to be in Berlin to setup and present your work. If your project involves hardware provided by agile and partners you are expected to develop your work in Berlin.

Can I send my application by regular mail?

No, applications will only be accepted by e-mail.

If I am selected, how much time will I get to complete the project?

You will be paired up with the Partner of your category in December 2016 and you will have until June 2017 to work on the project, which is when the four art exhibits will take place

How will I know if I am selected?

The results will be published on the website after the final decision has been taken and the winners will be notified by email.

If I am selected, how will I get in touch with the partners of my category?

The Jolocom team will connect you to the partners who will be supporting you during the development of your project. Apart from the communication plan you agree with them, we will host monthly hangouts with the artists, partners and the organizers of the event to ensure the progress and proper communication of the ideas.

Who do I reach out to if I have a question?

Please send your questions to iot.is.art@agile-iot.eu and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you are one of the selected artists, you will be in regular contact with the partner of the category you will be working in. However, if during the process you have any question regarding the organization or progress of the event, the email above is the one to use.

Are there any fees I have to cover?

There are no fees for the application or the material, all of it will be provided without cost but please consider your travel expenses if you are applying from outside Berlin as those will not be covered.

Am I expected to sign any contracts?

You will be expected to sign a formal agreement where you will express your commitment to the project.