You can retrieve most of our presentations in our SlideShare account: AGILE IoT.

Here are some direct links to our main presentations:

  • IoT Developer Survey 2016 by Eclipse Foundation [link]
  • Build your IoT project with Libelium devices: from sensors to the cloud by Libelium [link]
  • RIOT and the evolution of operating systems for IoT devices by Emmanuel Baccelli, INRIA [link]
  • Why IoT needs Open Source Communities by Philippe Krief, Eclipse Foundation [link]
  • Building the Internet of Things with open source and Eclipse IoT projects by Benjamin Cabé, Eclipse Foundation [link]
  • Smart Gateways, Blockchain and the Internet of Things by Charalampos Doukas, Create-Net [link]
  • Introduction to the AGILE project: open source modular gateway for the IoT by Charalampos Doukas, Create-NET [link]

Developer Resources

  • You can retrieve all our code in the following GitHub repositories: AGILE IoT Repos
  • Our AGILE wiki should complete, as and when, these developer resources with some getting started and other great samples.

Scientific Papers

  • Towards Configuration Technologies for IoT Gateways [link]

    • Alexander Felfernig, Seda Polat Erdeniz, Paolo Azzoni, Michael Jeran, Arda Akcay and Charalampos Doukas
    • Accepted at Configuration Workshop 2016
  • Constraint-based and SAT-based diagnosis of automotive configuration problems [link]
  • Addressing Data-Centric Security Requirements for IoT-Based Systems
    • Juan D. Parra Rodriguez, Daniel Schreckling and Joachim Posegga (University of Passau)
    • Accepted at SioT workshop
    • Sept 27, 2016
  • Human Computation for Constraint-based Recommenders [link]
    • T. Ulz, M. Schwarz, A. Felfernig, S. Haas, S. Reiterer, and M. Stettinger
    • Accepted in the Journal of Intelligent Information Systems (JIIS)
    • September 2016
  • Human Interaction with Artificial Advice Givers [link]
    • N. Tintarev, J. O’Donovan, and A. Felfernig
    • Accepted at ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems 6(4):1-10, 2016
    • December 2016
  • Recommender Systems for Health Informatics: State-of-the-Art and Future Perspectives [link]
    • A. C. Valdez, M. Ziefle, K. Verbert, A. Felfernig and A. & Holzinger
    • Accepted in In: Holzinger, A. (ed.) Machine Learning for Health Informatics, Lecture Notes in Computer Science LNCS 9605. Heidelberg et. al.: Springer, pp. 391-414, 2016
    • December 2016
  • Analysis of Product Modelling Techniques for Product Configuration Systems in Industrial Companies [link]

    • S. Shafiee, K. Kristjansdottir, L. Hvam, A. Felfernig, A. Myrodia
    • Accepted at IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Bali, Indonesia, accepted for publication, 2016.
    • December 2016


  • IoT Meetup Vienna – AGILE Pitch [Video] [Slides]
    • Charalampos Doukas (AGILE Project leader)
  • Quick Tutorial and Demo of AGILE IDM [Video]
    • Thilo Greiner (Student Assistant University of Passau)
    • Juan D. Parra Rodriguez (University of Passau)
  • Open Source Business Models in IoT [Video]
    • Ralph Mueller, Managing Director, Eclipse Foundation Europe
    • Steffen Evers, Head of Open Source Services, Bosch Innovation


Flyers & Posters

2016-02-26-ewc-agile-flyer-final agile-factsheet2016-04-20-security-poster 2016-05-21-agile_poster_1_v1-0

Press Releases

First set of Press Releases

  • BioAssist: AGILE project [link]
  • CREATE-NET is leading an international consortium that provides an Open Source Internet of Things Gateway for controlling Smart Objects [link]
  • CREATE-Net: AGILE, il progetto Europeo per apllicare l’IoT a servizio dell’ambiente – Canal Energia) [link]
  • CREATE-Net: “Agile”, un progetto da 6 milioni – Trentino [link]
  • CREATE-NET leader di «Gateway» per l’Internet delle Cose – L’Adigetto [link]
  • Eclipse Foundation Europe Selected to Provide Open Source and Technology Dissemination Expertise for EU H2020 IoT Research Project [link]
  • Eurotech: AGILE IoT – Air quality & Pollution monitoring [link]
  • TU Graz: Applied Software Engineering Research Group at the Institute for Software Technology Selected to Provide Recommender Systems Expertise for EU H2020 IoT Research Project [link]
  • Orange, iMinds en Rombit starten voorbereidingen drone-project in Antwerpse haven in het kader van Europees HORIZON 2020 initiatief [link]
  • Orange, iMinds and Rombit are starting preparations for a drone project in the port of Antwerp within the European HORIZON 2020 initiative framework [link]
  • Jolocom UG Selected to Take Part in EU H2020 IoT Research Project [link]
  • Libelium Selected to Provide Open Source and Technology Dissemination Expertise for EU H2020 IoT Research Project [link]
  • Orange Belgium: Nog meer drones boven Antwerpse haven [link]
  • Orange Belgium: Orange, iMinds et Rombit lancent les préparatifs d’un projet de drone dans le port d’Anvers dans le cadre du programme européen HORIZON 2020 [link]
  • Orange Belgium: Des drones pour améliorer la productivité du port d’Anvers [link]
  • a Key Partner in Delivering Internet of Things Gateway Development and Deployment Technology for European Commission Funded Research Project [link]
  • Startupbootcamp IoT & Data Tech selected to participate in European Commission’s Horizon 2020 AGILE program [link]
  • University of Passau Selected to Contribute to Security Aspects for EU H2020 IoT Research Project [link]