Eclipse Foundation

Community building & dissemination

Eclipse Foundation Europe GmbH is the European subsidiary of the Eclipse Foundation established to help support and develop the large and growing Eclipse open source community in Europe. Eclipse is a global open source community with over 250 projects, more than 1000 committers, over 200 member organizations supporting the operation of the Foundation, and with an estimated 8 million developers using Eclipse. Half of the Eclipse user community is located in Europe and half of the member companies are based in Europe.
Eclipse Foundation Europe staff members are specialized in developing the European Eclipse Ecosystem, and helping research projects implement open innovation and disseminate their results as Open Source projects. They participate in European-based associations such as the German Bitkom to create awareness of open innovation, open source business models, and the Eclipse platform.

Role in project

Eclipse Foundation has a leading role in the AGILE project dissemination and community engagement activities. Creating and managing the Eclipse IOT project proposal, the developer’s RFC call, delivering educational material (webinars and tutorials) and presenting AGILE outcomes in major Eclipse (and other) events worldwide are some of their most important tasks within the project.

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