Open Call Management and Use Case development

logo-200x200-imindsiMinds is an independent research institute founded by the Flemish government to stimulate ICT innovation. The institute brings together companies, authorities, and non-profit organizations to join forces on research projects. iMinds unites more than 1000 researchers from numerous Flemish universities and knowledge centres. iMinds-iLab.o is Europe’s leading Living Lab with more than 40.000 users and more than 15 full- time staff members. We are involved in numerous European research and innovation projects such as iCityServices, Apollon, BEMES, Concord, EPIC, Citadel, SPECIFI, etc. Our core competence is on the operational side of living labs and innovation management. Over the years, we have developed a track record in successfully managing innovations in business networks on a variety of levels: living lab deployment, user research, business modelling, value network analysis, and knowledge-based collaborative innovation. iMinds iLab.o’s expertise spans a number of domains or verticals: smart cities, health, manufacturing, media, and the broader Future Internet. We also house the secretariat of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL), providing a gateway to Europe for our extended partner network. iMinds-SMIT (Studies on Media, Information and Telecommunications) was founded at the department of Communication Sciences in 1990 and currently consists of over 75 researchers, of which more than 10 are PhD students. Since its start, iMinds-SMIT has delivered over 20 PhDs, over 750 scientific publications and has an annual turnover of €4,5 million. SMIT has built up an extensive track record in the development of value networks, business model scenarios, market impact assessment and open innovation in a wide range of sectors (such as digital media, health, cities, cultures & arts and so on). The group has published widely on these topics and recently the concept of Smart Cities and IoT have included in the Strategic Research Agenda of the group. iMinds has extensive experience organising large competitive open calls through its own ICON (project size EUR 200k-1M), MIX (project size EUR 100-300k), ART&D (project size EUR 10- 50k), iStart (funding up to 50k), and SME Wallet (funding up to EUR 10k) research, innovation, and incubation programmes, most of which have been running for several years. iMinds is also the project coordinator of the CreatiFI FIWARE accelerator, the open call coordinator of the FI-C3 and Finish FIWARE accelerators, and a partner in the FABulous FIWARE accelerator, representing a significant interface to the European startup community. iMinds is managing the creation and development of City of Things, an urban living lab in Antwerp relying on an Internet of Things infrastructure and a large user base of more than 200.000 users throughout Flanders. City of Things, a strategic partnership between iMinds, the City of Antwerp, and Mobile Vikings, serves as a service innovation and experimentation support infrastructure for start-ups, SMEs, cities, and researchers in retail technology and other domains. City of Things is conceived as a service layer on top of existing and emerging startup incubation and acceleration initiatives in Antwerp such as Startup Village, iMinds iStart, Start-it KBC, and FI-WARE. At the core of City of Things is the merging of collective intelligence and peer production on one hand, and Big Data and sensor infrastructures on the other, with the goal of supporting bottom-up mobile service innovation processes in urban environments.

Role in project

iMinds has three key roles in the AGILE project: the coordination of open calls, contribution to the Port of Antwerp pilot, and management of the Antwerp health self-reporting pilot. iMinds has a decade of experience running living labs and open calls both nationally and abroad.