US Market Promotion


IoTango is a Silicon Valley based company whose mission is to orchestrate the Internet of Things. Comprised of a team of international experts in IoT, our collaborative approach, simplifies and speeds the creation of novel business models. IoT products are paradoxically complex. While they are typically low cost, they can quickly escalate to complex interactions with users and APIs, complicating the understanding of a ‘simple’ product. Using our IoT Enabled® Methodology and Certification Process clients quickly prototype, test and deploy functioning applications. In our hosted cloud service or theirs.
Our services are designed for service providers, manufacturers, product designers and product managers focused on IoT. These include business model design, and complete product design from device engineering through to cloud infrastructure design and operations. From the sensor to the cloud, IoTango’s collaborators can get what they need to quickly deliver revenue, with security and privacy at every stage of the development to deployment process.

Role in project

IoTango will act as the contact agent of AGILE for the US market. As a company it has been very active in consulting SMEs that wish to ‘IoT-Enable’R their hardware products so it can facilitate the dissemination and promotion of AGILE hw and sw features in the market. In addition, it will promote activities like the crowdfunding campaign and the Open Calls, ensuring the participation of SMEs and entrepreneurs/startups from the US.

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