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logo-300x300-sky-watchSky-Watch A/S is a Danish developer and manufacturer of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Founded in 2009, Sky-Watch is a public company based in Stoevring, Denmark. In 2013 Sky- Watch provided a Huginn X1 quadcopter to the USAR teams deployed in the Philippines after the typhoon Haiyan raged over the islands.
The company's current UAV/quadcopter system is called Huginn X1. The system is autonomous and has the ability to carry various payloads such as chemical detectors, IR, thermal and HD cameras. It is also possible to install two cameras at the same time and switch between them from the system navigator.
Sky-Watch is cooperating with Danoffice on a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) project to protect and monitor the three main species of marine turtles that nest in Suriname. WWF Suriname has in this specific case chosen to focus on poaching of marine turtle’s eggs, and despite laws protecting sea turtles, thousands of eggs are poached every year. Sky-Watch offer the UAV system to monitor turtle’s location and illegal poaching activities.

Role in project

The IoT will enable Sky-Watch to combine our emergent technology with an unseen number of sensors and thereby reach a whole new array of user segments. Enabling the UAV to collect information from sensors placed in the open space or in a closed environment will facilitate applications which common camera based sensors would never be able to. With cameras you are able to collect very shallow information about your surroundings but there is no way to get the actual state underneath the surface. Take for instance the health status of an animal in the wild, with the current sensors today it is only possible to get the location of the animal but nothing about heart rate, body temperature and stress level, which all are extremely useful for farming and animal preservation. With AGILE we are able to join two of the the technologies which have the highest attention being wearables and UAVs.

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