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logo-200x200-StartupbootcampStartupbootcamp is a leading network of industry focused startup accelerators. We help startups scale globally by giving them direct access to an international network of the most relevant partners, investors and mentors in their sector. It was founded in 2010 in Copenhagen with the core idea of supporting the worlds best entrepreneurs as they grow their startups. Soon other amazing entrepreneurs joined the Startupbootcamp network to create programs around Europe, and by 2012 there were 5 programs in the network. By 2014 Startupbootcamp has expanded to quickly become the largest startup accelerator in Europe and one of the top 3 largest in the world, with programs on numerous continents and a network spanning hundreds of cities around the world.
Each Startupbootcamp program provides direct access to connections that matter most in the startup's industry. Over a 3 month program startups meet over 100 partners, investors, and mentors that take a hands-on role helping the company develop their product, validate their business model, secure pilot customers, and raise funding. Many of these connections become key advisors and actively engage with the startups for years to come. Startupbootcamp invests €15,000 in each startup taking part in the program to cover living expenses in addition to providing 6 months in an extremely supportive co-working space, over €1,000,000 in deals from partners including Google, Paypal, AWS, and many others, and the opportunity to pitch to over 400 investors at Demo Day. After graduating Startupbootcamp startups enter an alumni growth program that includes a global support community and yearly summits for continuing access to the most important global partners and investors.
Startupbootcamp is one of the largest startup support organizations in the world. Not only are programs located in major technology hubs cities such as London and Singapore, Startupbootcamp takes part in over 100 FastTracks and technology conferences all over the world each year. Startups joining a Startupbootcamp program are able to immediately leverage an unrivaled global support network, providing them with a landing point in every major metropolitan city. While expanding their business, startups connect with thousands of local investors, partners, and mentors that provide them with expansion access rivaling major corporations and unheard of for typical startups.
Startupbootcamp is run by entrepreneurs who have scaled enormous global businesses and have dealt first hand with the typical investors who are difficult to access and secretive. They've chosen to create a radically different organization that believes in transparency. It may very well be the world's most transparent investor. Feel free to browse through any of the startups Startupbootcamp has invested in and contact them about their experience with us. We also are the only investors (we know of) who stream all source investment data for all to see. We believe Startupbootcamp's model of running industry-focused accelerator programs works, and are proud of what we've been able to accomplish - why not show it so the world can see.

Role in project

Startupbootcamp will participate in AGILE through its Barcelona program, specifically developed for the context of Internet of Things. Startupbootcamp will be responsible for attracting startups and SMEs worldwide for the participation to the two project Open Calls. In addition, the wide network of entrepreneurship events will be leveraged for the proper dissemination of AGILE features and project outcomes.

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