Berlin Art Event: Eclipse community is needed

logo-200x200-eclipseDear Eclipse Community,

Are you interested to learn about Eclipse IoT in a unique way while also supporting a community art project? Then read on!

During the DemoCamp in Berlin last month, Carla Hubbard and Eric Fanghanel from Jolocom gave a sneak peek at the art exhibition that will be presented in Berlin in July 2017. The contest is called “The Adaptation Contest – Using IoT to create Art, using Art to envision the Internet of Things.”. The objective of the project is to bring the general public closer to the Internet of Things (IoT) through immersive/interactive art installations. To that end, there will be several art installations deployed in the city of Berlin that will demonstrate how IoT can be used to create interactions with citizens. You can find their presentation here: Art event for AGILE in Berlin (2017).

Carla and Eric’s work is part of a European project, called AGILE, that aims to build an Adaptive and Modular Gateway for the IoT. Most of the project deliverables are based on IoT technologies supported or developed within the Eclipse IoT working group.

  • Eclipse Mosquitto: a lightweight server implementation of the MQTT and MQTT-SN protocols
  • Eclipse Paho: client implementations of MQTT and MQTT-SN messaging protocols
  • Eclipse Californium: an implementation of the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP)
  • Eclipse Kura: a Java/OSGi-based container for M2M applications running in service gateways

As part of creating the exhibit, Jolocom has asked the Eclipse Foundation to help find 4-5 Eclipse specialists who could spend a small amount of their time in supporting the artists during the coming year. They would like support on Eclipse basics such as setting up an Eclipse environment or building an OSGi bundle. They would also like to get in touch with members of the Eclipse community. The Eclipse specialist don’t require any IoT expertise – the artists will have access to the AGILE IoT partners for support.

You have a unique chance to share your skills and be a part of this great adventure. If you are interested in getting involved in this initiative, please contact us at

Our next meeting is planned at GET-D, in Berlin the 22nd and 23rd of July. Read more about the Adaptation Contest.

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