AGILE-IoT is participating to the Open Education Platform. Join us!

The Open Education Platform (OEP) proposes a comprehensive, coherent and standardized education offer on IoT. The user can provide a course or take one, recommend a book, look for an event and much more. Furthermore, it is possible to use the search engine for exploring OEP database or browse among resource categories to sort contents. Once you found what you were looking for, you can rate the resource and leave a comment.

If you couldn’t find what you were looking for, you can ask for help on OEP Marketplace. If you have a specific issue you want to share, you can launch an OEP Challenge and let OEP community find the right solution with you.

If you searched through the platform but did not find the lesson you were looking for or you see one essential IoT-related topic which is not addressed among the courses available, you can let OEP know and the platform will identify the organizations, teachers, and trainers who could provide you with adapted resources.

If you are an entrepreneur exploring new grounds and willing to improve your proof of concept, or if you developed a solution and want to assess its field of applications, you can put your innovation between the hands of the IoT community and reinforce its value through co-creation.

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