Aquatic Project with Bioceanor

Bioceanor (, a French start-up, was one of the 8 winners of the first Agile IoT Open Call. Bioceanor presented their results after 6 months of project. They deployed 3 devices for real-time water monitoring in the context of Aquaculture. One is in a fish farm (figure 1), another is in a shellfish farm (figure 2), and the third one is in a microalgae production farm (figure 3). The devices are taking one measure every 20 minutes of water temperature, turbidity, dissolved oxygen and salinity.

They used Agile IoT architecture and gateway (figure 4) to collect data from the devices and to send them to their visualisation platform.

The feed-back of the end users was really positive, as the real-time water monitoring was really useful to their production follow-up. They could anticipate some events and correlate the water monitoring data to their production data. Agile IoT framework helped Bioceanor to deploy faster and easier the overall architecture, giving a robust product to the end user.

Thanks to the visibility of the Agile IoT project and the proof of concept, Bioceanor has now several devices orders from aquaculture customers in production.

More info on Bioceanor overall projects in July issue of International Aquafeed Magazine, pages 46-47.


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