HOLONIX – AgriAware: produce food and consciously buy it on the market

Thanks to AGILE IoT Community, Holonix has been able to develop an effective tool for the Agricultural sector. The core objective has been the possibility to offer a tool to produce and purchase food on the market. Farmers are guided, from fields and environments, to follow precise procedures for the production of high quality products, tracing maturity stages. The Farmer Assistant App suggests appropriate treatments and operations that provide the growing of trees and fruits, accurate time to proceed with fruit harvesting and send climate condition notifications. With the enablement to produce more with less, farmers are becoming economically competitive by applying environmentally sustainable techniques.

Through Agile, Holonix has demonstrated how it is achievable to integrate different types of weather stations and new sensors to facilitate and acquire a wider variety of environmental data that influence the fruit treatment.

Our needs, vision, and mission are explained below:


A wider growing percentage of olive oil consumers is becoming extremely cautious and accurate in the selection of the products to consume as well as to high demand in terms of quality. Consumers, buying a food product, want to be assured that the products on their tables are with certified origins, produced accordingly to biological processes, and have a high regard for farmer labor conditions.


The AgriAware solution, through specific apps (one for the farmer and one for the consumer), was born with the desire to offer an effective tool for the production of food and the determination to purchase on the market. AgriAware uses the information collected from the fields and environment to guide farmers in following the exact procedures to produce high-quality products and tracking the maturity stages.

The FarmerAssistant app, advises based on the environmental data collected from the fields (such as temperature and humidity), the appropriate treatments and operations for trees and fruits. In addition, the application proposes the accurate time to proceed with fruit harvesting to ensure the correct stage of maturity and it sends notifications for climate conditions such as when the humidity of the air and soil are the optimal ones for harvesting. Furthermore, this app will also consider the fruit variety.

The TrustLabel app offers to consumers the opportunity to be informed about the properties of food and the quality of the production process.


Bring to consumers’ tables a high-quality product with all nutritive properties. AgriAware enables farmers to become economically competitive by producing more with less using environmentally sustainable techniques. They are guided by information that is extracted from the combination of a variety of data coming from IoT sensors. These sensors are installed within the environment with weather forecasts and an analysis of treatment historical data done in the past seasons.

Thanks to Agile IoT Community, Holonix took part in AgriResearch in Brussels, on the 2nd and 3rd of May 2018 and in ICE Conference in Stuttgart on 20th of June 2018. These events gave the opportunity to meet new agricultural stakeholders, to receive news about the sector, suggestions, and feedbacks on AgriAware solution and how to improve it

Holonix, 28th September 2018

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