Goodbye AGILE… Welcome AGAIL!

The EU funded AGILE project is over. Somewhere I read that projects are like villains in horror movies: they just won’t die. Even when you’ve doused them in gasoline, set them on fire, then dumped them in a river…well, they just keep coming back! This is the case of the AGILE project: you can change the Project Officer, the Project Coordinator, some Partners, some Pilot (…or anything else, given it starts with a P 😀 ), but you cannot change the pioneering and outstanding contribution it gave to the definition of a fully open-source and modular gateway for the IoT! And no, AGILE won’t die, exactly as these villains of horror movies: it will stay alive through the Eclipse AGAIL open source project. Don’t hesitate to try it, adopt it and contribute back to it!

Massimo Vecchio,
Project Coordinator of the AGILE project