An Overview of Research on Computational Resource Management in AGILE

We would like to take this opportunity to illustrate the challenges related to computational resource consumption such as memory, CPU or networking, in our gateway setup. First and foremost, we must admit the utmost importance of ensuring that services provided by the gateway have reasonable use of the computational resources. This is how we can ensure that there is space available for applications using core services from AGILE. However, this is not the only reason to keep an eye on resource consumption. There are also security implications and economic reasons to monitor and control the use of resources, i.e. especially when computation should be offloaded to the cloud.

We will discuss the release of an open-source component to measure resource consumption in the gateway plus other scenarios. We will then explain how we have used this component in the scope of the project to perform several research tasks. Applications of the resource measurement component have been used to study resource abuse scenarios from the perspective of security, detection of crypto-miners, and evaluation of strategies to balance the computation load between the gateway and the cloud.

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