AGILE Gateway industrial version Development and Use Case Development

logo-200x200-eurotechEurotech Group is an international company that operates in the areas of research, development and commercialization of solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine and cloud computing. The company is based in Italy and located mainly in Europe, Japan and USA, with an important presence in several markets: industrial, aerospace and defence, transportation and logistics, medical, security and scientific research. Eurotech business model is driven by innovation and is strongly based on research: the company counts about 450 people, more than half of which are involved in research and engineering activities. Eurotech controls 9 international companies and a research center, which is responsible for the research activities in key high-growth sectors like pervasive and cloud computing. The objective of the research center is to develop innovative and integrated solutions (software, hardware, middleware and support services) that require strong know-how and expertise in several areas of scientific research. Eurotech designs and develops all the building blocks required to implement an end to end solution for the IoT: smart objects, miniaturized computers (MicroPC and NanoPC), super computers (HPC), pervasive networks, software platforms for pervasive systems management, cloud computing and big data analytics support. Eurotech gives a great importance to the study and development of advanced and frontier technologies in these areas and, for this reason, it is very active in scientific research. In the past 10 years, Eurotech has been involved in several EU projects in the areas of pervasive systems, industrial automation and HPC and this long experience will be shared in the project.

Role in project

Eurotech has a key role in AGILE project. Their tasks include the design, development and delivery of the industrial version of the AGILE gateway module, designing, deploying and managing the air pollution monitoring pilot in Udine, Italy and assisting in the integration of their Eclipse Kura open source framework for gateway management. In addition, Eurotech will assist in the core OS module integration for Ubuntu Core and the integration of Eurotech Everyware Device Cloud and its utilization within the Pilots.

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