Linked Data Experts and Use Case developers

logo-200x200-jolocomJolocom is a registered limited liability company in Berlin/Germany under the name Jolocom UG (haftungsbeschränkt) with two shareholders: Joachim Lohkamp (67%) and Christian Hildebrand (33%). Jolocom’s office is located at Agora in Berlin, embedded into the midst of the collaborative economy. Jolocom has been incorporated for the purpose of software development, specializing in a data sharing application and distributed server software for the collaborative economy. In addition, through its subsidiary ‘Agora’ Jolocom organizes and hosts creativity events that involve the collaborative development of artistic projects from participatns all over the world who meet and work together for the first time and produce artistic installations that are displayed in the city of Berlin.

Role in the project

Jolocom will participate in the development of the data visualization and data/application sharing modules for the software of AGILE. In addition, they will manage and host an collaborative event where artists and IoT makers from all over the world will be invited to utilise AGILE software and hardware for building an interactive exhibit.

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