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Use Case Development – Mobile Operator

Orange Belgium is one of the main actors in the world of telecommunications in Belgium and Luxembourg, active in mobile telephony, fixed telephony, ADSL and on other markets with a strong growth potential such as Machine-To-Machine. The company develops innovative products and services for the residential and the business market. Orange Belgium is listed on the Brussels Stock Exchange and is part of the France Télécomgroup.
Orange Belgium is the second largest mobile GMS operator in Belgium and has been a publicly traded company since 1996. The company is a member is the Orange Group which bundles France Telecom's main mobile activities and has been involved in M2M since 2002. When Orange Belgium established its dedicated M2M Business Unit, it was among the first operators in Europe to do so.
Orange Belgium is one of the main actors on the telecommunications market in Belgium and Luxembourg. This year, for the first in history, Orange Belgium surpassed the historical operator in number of active SIM’s in Belgium with over 5 Million. 20% of these SIM’s are flagged as M2M (Machine to Machine or MaTMa). M2M allows devices to communicate in order to optimize cost, to create new business and to be environment friendly.
The International M2M Center of Competence (IMC) was created by Orange Business Services (30.000 Employees, 8 Bio revenues, focus on Fortune 500) to provide wireless M2M GSM- connectivity to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and international clients.
The International Center of Competence offers a strong M2M “know how and know why” which is reflected in the team of dedicated and experienced M2M experts who provide support services ranging from technical consultancy to after-sales services. We have the expertise on M2M consulting, project management, SIM card developments and integration.
In the International M2M Center, we put together the M2M expertise of the entire France Telecom Group and we leverage our knowledge of the M2M ecosystem to bring the most innovative solutions.
We at Mobistar share the passion to ecosystem the industry and we are excited about the M2M future via customers and partners.

Role in project

Orange Belgium’s role in the project is that of a large piloting and exploitation partner. As the central partner for the Port of Antwerp pilot, Orange Belgium will set up the pilot, manage it operationally, and engage all relevant stakeholders for successful execution. Orange Belgium will also offer support to open call participants as part of the Antwerp piloting activities.

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