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WP1 - Gateway HW Design & Implementation

D1.1 – AGILE Gateway architecture specifications and initial design – [M06]

This first deliverable contains the gateway requirements and design specification as well as the initial architectural design for both the industrial and makers version.

D1.2 – AGILE Gateway hardware final prototypes 2nd AGILE Release – Hardware Platform- [M18]

The final AGILE Gateway prototypes will be delivered in M18. The deliverable will include the final designs, features and functional specifications of the hardware prototypes

WP2 - Core Module Integration & Gateway framework development

D2.1 Core requirements specification and IoT protocol integration [M06]

D2.1 will deliver the analysis result performed in T2.1 and T2.2. It will contain the main requirements for the AGILE software modules (Ubuntu OS modules and services running on top) and also the description of mechanisms developed/integrated that will enable the automatic configuration of the gateway based on the hardware modules attached every time. In addition, it will present all the IoT protocols and mechanisms that will provide device discovery and M2M interoperability to AGILE, for being integrated into the software components.

D2.2 Initial version of Gateway Self-configuration, IoT Device discovery & Remote gateway management [M09]

D2.2 will provide the initial version of the mechanisms integrated and developed for the self-configuration of the gateway, the discovery, and communication with IoT device as well as the framework for the remote gateway management

D2.3 Final version of Gateway Self-configuration, IoT Device discovery & Remote gateway management [M18]

D2.3 will contain the final software components that will enable the gateway self-configuration, discovery of IoT devices and remote management of the gateway.

WP3 - Device & Data Management & Developers Environment

D3.1 Requirements specification & SW architecture [M06]

D3.1 delivers the requirements for the data management, user management, device discovery and developers module that will provide the main functionalities of AGILE sw. Requirements are set based on the envisioned features, input from the community (RFC call in WP7), and requirements from Pilots. The modules are either developed by the consortium or consist extensions and integrations of existing open source components (e.g., Kura,, Node-RED, etc.).

D3.2 Application Interfaces (Gateway, Data Management & Developer’s Interface) – initial implementation [M09]

On month 9 the initial software modules of AGILE framework is delivered as initial versions for evaluation by pilot stakeholders. Community evaluation will have been already performed by the developer’s community (engaged through the dissemination activities in WP7) through the incremental alpha releases of the software in the open source repositories. All modules and application graphical interfaces (gateway, data, device management and developer’s interface) will be delivered as open source modules.

D3.3 Application Interfaces (Gateway, Data Management & Developer’s Interface) – final integration – 3rd AGILE Release –Full Software Stack [M24]

This deliverable will present how developed by the consortium software and existing open source components have been integrated together into one AGILE graphical user environment. The integration with device discovery modules, the recommender and uses of the Cloud interfaces will be described also in this deliverable.

WP4 - Public & Private Cloud integration

D4.1 Public Cloud integration & horizontal interoperability [M18]

This deliverable will describe all the public could endpoint supported by AGILE and will give examples on how they can be utilized (with special focus on the AGILE pilot activities)

D4.2 Private Cloud integration & horizontal interoperability [M18]

This deliverable will describe all the private could endpoint supported by AGILE and will give examples on how they can be utilized (with special focus on the AGILE pilot activities)

D4.3 Cloud Integration with Pilots -– 4th AGILE Release – Integration with the Clouds [M30]

This document will be released at M30 and will describe how public and private clouds have been utilised by AGILE pilots. Special focus will be given in the evaluation of horizontal interoperability achievement between different platforms and AGILE.

WP5 - Security (data provenance + access control)

D5.1 First Prototype of the AGILE Identity Management System (M12)

The architecture, open source modules used and SDKs/APIs of the IDM will be described in this document. In addition, usage examples will be provided with special focus on tutorials (for developers) and examples related to piloting activities.

D5.2 Usage Control and Provenance Management (M20)

D5.2 will describe the mechanisms of defining security policies for specific data items generated by the things connected to and managed by AGILE. In addition, the security policy language will be described and examples will be provided.

D5.3 Secure Data Sharing System (M24)

The whole lifecycle of data sharing between users, AGILE data management module and external entities/services will be described in this deliverable, including architectural components and examples of usage.

WP6 - Open Calls & Project Exploitation Management

D6.1 – Open Call Dissemination, Management & Submission Portal (M20)

This will be a website or part of a website linked to the main AGILE project website that will host all the information related to Open Call dissemination (blog posts, links to social channels, updates, etc.) and will also enable the proposal submission by SEMs and their management.

D6.2 – SME Open Calls, Results and Exploitation (M36)

The results from the two SME Open Calls will be reported in this deliverable among with feedback from participants about their experience with AGILE and with short information of wining SMEs about their future exploitation plans.

D6.3 – Results from Crowdfunding campaign (M28)

Report about the crowdfunding campaign, information about the crowdfunding tool used, the delivery process, and the users involved into AGILE through the campaign and initial user feedback.

D6.4 Innovation and Exploitation Report (M08, M16, M36)

Report about innovation and exploitation activities, including market and impact analysis, business cases from pilots and partners, business strategy for the whole AGILE platform as well as report from dissemination activities

WP7 - Community Management & Dissemination

D7.1 Eclipse IoT Proposal, Developer RFC and Dissemination Activity Planning [M12]

This report will contain the outcome of the RFC to developers about the utilization of existing open source components, the result from the Eclipse IoT community on creating/embracing a new Eclipse IoT project based on AGILE sw components and finally will also contain the plan for dissemination activities to take place (identification of workshops to create/participate, list of additional tentative events for promoting AGILE).

D7.2 Overview of Dissemination Activities and Results [M36]

This deliverable will present the dissemination activities that have taken place within AGILE project duration and will also summarise the results from the latter dissemination effort (e.g., number of external users attracted, achievements, descriptions of events, etc.)

WP8 - Pilot Design, Execution & Evaluation

D8.1 Pilot Design and analysis requirements and specification (M9)

D8.1 contains the results from the analysis requirement and the design specifications that will lead in the appropriate development of the AGILE components for the Pilots execution.

D8.2 Initial Pilot Components Development & Deployment Report (M18)

D8.2 will be a report of the hardware and software components (as well as of the AGILE gateways realised) for the execution of the pilots. In addition, it will present the deployment details (number and types of devices, stakeholders, and users involved) and it will describe the process for collecting user feedback and incorporating it into improved versions of AGILE modules.

D8.3 Final Pilot Deployment & Evaluation Report (M36)

D8.3 will be the final report of the AGILE pilots and will contain all the collected information from the user feedback on utilising AGILE components and participating in the 5 pilots.

WP9 - Project Management & Coordination

D9.1x Semester Management Reports [M06, M12, M18, M24, M30, M36]

Internal deliverables distributed within the consortium every 6 months – in total 6 documents for the whole project.

D9.2 Interim Annual Report [M18]

D9.3 Final Project Report [M36]

D9.4 Project Communication Platform and Archive [M03] and its maintenance