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AGILE offers a Node-RED node to connect to the OwnCloud Storage. The node can be used to push data collected in files on the gateway to the OwnCloud cloud storage.


The most up to date code and readme can be found on the Agile-IoT github. Please have a look their if things are not clear or if issues present themselves. https://github.com/Agile-IoT/node-red-contrib-agile-owncloud


1. Edit the node and add a client ID, secret and server url. 2. Optionally fill in the remote path with the location and filename of the uploaded file on the server.

Upload a file

Connect a node with the following output

msg.payload: The text content of the file upload

msg.localpath: The local file path of the file to upload

msg.remotepath: The remote file path of the file to upload

The config.remotepath has a higher priority as the msg.remotepath

Either the payload or the localpath are required. The payload has a higher priority as the localpath