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AGILE offers a Node-RED node to connect to the Xively cloud platform over the HTTP REST API. The node can be used to connect to the Xively cloud platform and push the data collected on the gateway to the Xively cloud storage.

The data can be pushed into a default Xively account preconfigured into the gateway for the default Agile user or the user can create an account on Xively and use his/her own credentials on the Xively configuration node to push data to the Xively cloud storage.


The Xively node has an input and an output port. The input port is used to fetch the data and the output port can be used for debugging to check if the data is actually pushed to the Xively cloud. The data from a peripheral device can be gathered on Node-Red by taking an agile-subscribe node or an agile-read node. The output of this node is connected to the input of the Xively node added from the palette. Xively simple.png

Moreover, we need to add the security sub-flow as an input to the Xively node to use the default Xively account as shown in the figure.

Xively idm.png

If the user wants to use the default Xively account, the user needs to specify a serial number into the input form for the Xively node. This serial number is used to uniquely recognize the device on the default Xively account. When the user provides the serial number, the device is pre-registered on the default Xively account and the Feed ID and API Key for the device is stored on the default credentials of the user, which can be accessed through the security sub-flow. Once the device is pre-registered for the specific user, the user can keep re-using the same feed to push the data for the next use. The data from the default account can be visualized by clicking the button "visualize data".

Xively edit.png Xively config server.png

Instead, if the user wants to use a different Xively account, the user can input the Feed ID and the API key to the configuration node of Xively and store them to push the data to the feed specified by the Feed ID and the API key.

An example of a visualization from the Xively account is illustrated in figure.

Xively home.png

When the user is visualizing data from the default account on Github pages, the user can choose the range from which the data should be chosen from. The user can also input a different set of credentials to view a different set of data without having to log into Xively from this page.

Xively github.png